Reducing the Cost of Keeping Office Data Centers Cool

Portable Spot Air Conditioners as Permanent Cooling Solutions

A Guide for Facility Managers, IT Managers and Mechanical Contractors

Reducing the Cost of Keeping Office Data Centers Cool Reducing the Cost of Keeping Office Data Centers Cool (103 KB)

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Spot Cooler Editorial

You’ve all heard the saying, “what came first, the chicken or the egg”? It is used most often to describe situations where it is difficult to determine if a problem or solution first prompted an event.  Read More

Portable Cooling is an Engineered Solution

When a facility loses its air conditioning, major problems can ensue. Not only will building occupants become uncomfortable, but critical processes may be compromised if the existing cooling equipment can’t be fixed promptly. If repairs cannot be done quickly, then portable cooling may be the solution.  Read More

Portable Cooling Not Just For Emergencies

Portable cooling is most often thought of in terms of an emergency. For example, a building’s chiller breaks down, and portable cooling is required immediately to keep tenants happy and/or critical applications up and running.   Read More

The Benefits of Portable A/C

Sometimes portable a/c or heat pump units are the best solution for special or difficult applications

By now, nearly everyone has at least heard of portable air conditioners. Also referred to as “spot coolers,” they serve as temporary cooling units when permanent a/c systems must be shut down or fail. Portables also serve as permanent-cooling systems for small-to-medium sized equipment centers, such as telephone systems or server rooms.   Read More

The New CM12 Ceiling-Mounted Spot Cooling Solution

January 3, 2006

LONG BEACH, CA. MovinCool, the market leader in portable spot cooling, announces the CM12, a new ceiling-mounted spot-cooling air conditioner; adding a space-saving, permanently installed cooling solution to MovinCool's award-winning, lineup of portable workplace air conditioning products. The CM12 will be available this April, 2006.   Read More

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