Portable Heat Pumps

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In today's energy conscious world, heat pumps provide a viable alternative to traditional air conditioning and heating systems.

Heat pumps use a small amount of energy to move energy from one place to another. When a room needs heating, the heat pump pulls heat out of the outside air and moves it to the room. When a room needs to be cooled, the heat pump pulls heat from the room and sends it outside.

Generally, a heat pump dehumidifies the air better than a traditional air conditioning system, too.

Another advantage to heat pumps is that they can be set to provide heat or cooling when needed. They are a good choice during the fall and spring seasons when temperatures fluctuate greatly. The user can set the heat pump on a certain temperature and know that heating or cooling will be provided as needed to keep the room at their chosen comfortable temperature.

A portable heat pump is easily moved from one location to another. Therefore, a portable heat pump is a wise choice for your needs in portable heating rentals.

So, the next time you are looking for portable heating rentals, think of a heat pump. It can provide your heating or cooling needs in a portable format, without as much stress on your wallet for the needed energy.

It can also be considered a very sustainable way of providing your heating and cooling needs.

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Portable Heat Pumps

Portable Heat Pump Air Conditioners

20ACH 1211

1 Ton/ 11,800

20ACH 1811

1.5 Ton/ 16,800

20ACH 2412

2 Ton/ 24,020

20ACH 3612

3 Ton/ 36,050

20ACH 3632

3 Ton/ 36,050

20ACH 3634

3 Ton/ 36,050

20ACH 6012

5 Ton/ 60,050

20ACH 6032

5 Ton/ 60,050

20ACH 6034

5 Ton/ 60,050

Climate Pro 12

1 Ton/10,200

Climate Pro 18

1.5 Ton/14,600